Friday, December 17, 2010

Seminario Ilustracion

Wah... Just handed in the work from this class, seminario de ilustracion. We had to do all these portraits with various styles, all 10x7cm in size, and with various styles or techniques. So, we had to choose 4 musicians, two of each sex and one young and one old each. I picked Willie Nelson, Jack White, Dolly Parton and Brody Dalle. The styles we had to try and practise were these:
Lines Only
Van Gogh
Childish / Left hand
German expressionism
Falso grabado / like prints, but with guache and ink
Bodypaint and tattoo
Caricature (very simple shapes)
and the last 4 (8 in my case) with whatever technique each one preferred. Mine being stencils, one with dots, one with crosshatching, one with watercolours and one with pastels.

so, that`s it! Almost time for vacations... can't wait!